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Explanation of Data Files for “The Trend of War in the World:
Evidence from the Arab-Israeli Dispute” published in The Independent Review, vol 17, no. 2 (2012)

The casualty figures for the article are contained in five Excel spreadsheets:
Arab casualties worksheet
Arab casualties final tabulation
Israeli casualties worksheet
Israeli casualties final tabulation
Sources for data Arab-Israel Casualties Study

Zip download containing all files

The worksheets contain all the different estimates collected, presented according to the year to which each casualty (fatality) figure pertains. The source for each casualty figure is identified with a code, the full citation of which is found in the “Sources” file. In the event that a source gives a casualty figure covering a number of years, this number is divided and a pro-rated figure for each year is entered. The worksheets also give the author’s informal opinion about the “confidence” one might place in the estimate (from 1= lowest to 3= highest), as well as other pertinent comments.

The figures which have been taken from the worksheet and used in the final tabulation are shown in bold typeface on the worksheet. In the event that two or more figures for the same year are used (and shown in bold), these figures are added together when entered in the final tabulation. When two or more figures for the same year are used, they refer to separate casualty events, so that no double-counting is involved.

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