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Princess Navina series of books
Princess Navina series of books
Princess Navina series of books

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Kayak Adventures One Inch above the Water

Jim Payne’s third book about his fascinating long-distance kayak voyages. This volume covers four of his most recent adventures:

  • Facing breeched dams and loose bulls on the Connecticut River;
  • Making his way through alligator-infested swamps of Georgia and Florida on the Chattahoochee River;
  • Outguessing rapids and quicksand on the lower Bío Bío River in Chile;
  • Dodging towboats and exploding fish on the Ohio River, from Cincinnati to Brandenburg, Kentucky.

Through thick and thin, Jim may have stumbled into a new theory of self-education: "If you want to learn from your mistakes,” he says, “you need lots of them."

Paperback, 297 pages


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