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The Big Government We Love to Hate by James L. Payne
The Big Government We Love to Hate by James L. Payne
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The Big Government We Love to Hate by James L. Payne

Being Human BeingA book of many sparks!

Being Human Being is an entertaining comedy-romance, about Jon, a shy New York City bachelor, who becomes an amateur therapist as he attempts to guide Niccole past her cell phone addiction. It’s also a mystery, with Jon trying to locate a shadowy anti-technology group and discover what it’s all about. And it’s a joke, about how Jon, hoping to become famous as the author of an exposé of this organization, discovers he has to hide his identity in a pen name to protect this admirable group from the authorities.

Beyond the fun and puzzles, this unusual work explores important social themes facing the modern world. One is, what to do about the accelerating tide of technology that is engulfing our lives. Should we just accept it, or resist it, or is there a more sophisticated way to sift through its complexities? (Echoing this theme, Being Human Being is not available in electronic form and is not sold on Amazon.)

A second topic concerns the scale of human organization. In modern times, humans have become atomized, cut off from each other by advancing technology, increasingly wrapped up in mass media and mega-government. The technology-questioning organization Jon is attempting to track down reflects a different approach to organizing social life. It is a decentralized, "organic" movement, growing out of personal connection. Its followers avoid media attention, ignore government, and focus instead on helping neighbors. For those viewing the turbulent political and media scene with dismay, this book offers an encouraging answer to, "What else is there?"


Published 2023 by Lytton Publishing Company
ISBN: 978-0-915728-32-9
228 pages

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